Vernon Murray's Page
Alias: Tim Murray

Shaw was my home town. I moved there when I was about one year old and remained there until I graduated from Elk Garden High School.  After serving four years in the U. S. Air Force, I returned to Shaw.  Shortly thereafter, the powers that be began to plan for the dam. It was clear at that time that Shaw was destined to be buried.  Before that happened, I entered the Pentecostal Church where a painting left behind by an artist evangelist became the visual prompt for my call into the ministry. 

The trauma of a recent accident and much reflection in its aftermath has led me to re-evaluate my call. Now after thirty years in parish ministry, I am about to receive the necessary training for hospital chaplaincy.

The journey has been interesting, challenging, and rewarding and there is much more ahead. I do not know what the end will be. One thing I do know is that it all began in the little town of Shaw, West Virginia.

I dedicate this website to the glory of God and to the honor of all those people who impacted my life in those formulative years. 

Barefoot Hillbilly